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About Project Athlete

Professional & Experienced

Coaches and trainers are well educated with professional certifications and licenses and more than 15 years of practical experience


”Project Athlete has helped me become a better baseball player.  Since working with Erik for 16 months, I added 30 pounds of muscle and 8mph...

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Project Athlete Gym in San Marcos offers Athlete and Fitness group workouts, Baseball Throwing Program sessions, Open Gym availability, and much more

Training Services

Athlete Performance Training

Power, Speed, Strength...

all make you a better athlete. Move right, train right, eat right. Learn a complete training program to reach your true potential.

Group fitness medicine ball slams

Fitness Performance Training

Move better, feel better, look better! Create a healthy lifestyle with a complete training program, including mobility, flexibility, core strength, balance, conditioning and more!

Baseball Throwing Program

Based on Driveline Baseball's Hacking the Kinetic Chain, our complete program is designed to build athletes that throw hard and are healthy, strong and mobile, and help pitchers develop multiple quality pitches.

Recovery services

Recovery Membership

Project Athlete’s Recovery Zone provides daily self use of Theragun percussion massage, Normatec Pulse Recovery System and more. Supplement your training membership today!

Physical Therapy

Sports Therapy with a full body, movement based approach. We offer skilled Physical Therapy services to treat your injury, or to supplement your training program.

Massage Therapy

Sports Massage available to treat your aches and pain, or maximize your recovery. Please contact us today to make your appointment.